Adding or Removing Comments on iPhone or iPod touch

You can add comments to wiki pages or blog posts. By commenting on a page, you can give feedback on a page without editing the page's content. The text in your comment isn't searched when you use the search field.

Depending on wiki or blog settings and your access level to the wiki or blog, you might not be able to comment on a page, or your comments might be moderated. When a comment awaits moderation, it is invisible until an administrator approves it.

To view comments:

  1. When viewing a wiki page or blog post, click Details.

    If you're already viewing the details, the Details button is replaced by a Hide button.

  2. Click the Comments link.

To add a comment:

  1. While viewing a wiki page's or blog post's comments, click Add Comment (+).

  2. Enter your comment in the field and click Post.

To remove a comment:

  • While viewing a wiki page's or blog post's comments, click Delete next to comment you want to delete.

    If you're an administrator, you can remove anyone's comments. If you're not an administrator, you can remove only your own comments.


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