About Wikis

A wiki is a web-based, collaborative editing environment for groups. Depending on how the wiki administrator sets permissions, anyone who can view wiki content can also add or edit content.

Wikis have several advantages over other tools:

Advantage Description

Fast and easy

To edit wiki pages, click the Edit (pencil) button on a page you want to edit. Add content and use a simple toolbar to apply styles, add links to other sites, attach files, or insert media. You don't need to learn additional tools.


If you see a page you'd like to correct or add content to, you can change it yourself. With other tools, you'd need to find the owner of the content and describe the issue to the owner, and then the owner would need to change the content.


It's easy to change how users navigate to information, through a broad or deep navigational hierarchy, or through tags.


Because wiki content can be updated by a large group of people, it is much more dynamic than a static medium like PDF.

Parallel content creation

Multiple people can edit wiki content on different pages simultaneously.

Cross-reference information

It's easy to link together information within and outside of the wiki.


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