Sending, Viewing, and Accepting or Rejecting Invitations

You can send and receive event invitations while viewing your personal calendar. When you send an invitation, invitees are notified and can accept, tentatively accept (set status as "maybe"), or decline the invitation. If you update the event, invitees are notified of the change and can change the status of the event to accept, tentatively accept, or decline the changed event.

If you don't set a status for an event, the event appears in the calendar with a dotted line border. Accepted and tentatively accepted events have solid border. Declined events are removed from the calendar.

To send invitations:

  1. While viewing a personal calendar, click an event.

  2. Click "invitees;" then, in the invitees pane, enter an attendee's name in the "Add attendee" field.

    You can invite people but not groups.

    As you type an attendee's name, the calendar attempts to autocomplete the name. If you see the attendee in the list, click it. If the field doesn't autocomplete, the invitee isn't found and won't be invited.

    After adding an attendee, a new "Add attendee" field appears, allowing you to add more attendees.

  3. Click OK.

To view event notifications:

  • While viewing a personal calendar, click the Notifications (envelope) button.

    Notifications that haven't been accepted or denied are listed in the Notifications area.

To accept, tentatively accept, or reject an event notification:

  • While viewing event notifications, click a status button.

To change an invitation's status:

  • Click the event invitation, choose from the "my status" pop-up menu, and then click OK.


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