Changing Event Details

Event details include the name and location of the event and when it is scheduled.

To change event details:

  1. Create or edit an event.

  2. In the "general" pane of the event details, enter the name of the event in the "summary" field and the location of the event in the "location" field.

    As you type a location, the calendar attempts to autocomplete the location with one that can be scheduled. If it can autocomplete the location, you'll see if the location is available during the proposed time.

  3. To change the start time or end time, edit the "start time" or "end time" fields.

  4. To change the start date or end date of the event, click the date, and in the calendar that appears, click a date.

    To view the previous month, click Previous (up arrow); to view the next month, click Next (down arrow).

  5. To create an all-day event, select "All-Day (Banner) event."

    This disables the "start time" and "end time" fields.

  6. To put the event in a different calendar, choose a different calendar from the "calendar" pop-up menu.

  7. To repeat the event, choose an interval from the "repeat" pop-up menu.

    To stop repeating the event after a specific number of times, choose After from the "end" pop-up menu and enter the number of times you want the event scheduled. To stop repeating the event on a specific date, choose "On date" from the "end" pop-up menu, click the date, and then choose the end date from the calendar.

  8. Click OK.


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